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Thy Kingdom Come (feat. A Star, Tru2DaName & Matthew Allen)

from by Dwayne Tryumf

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Verse 1:
Let me take you to a place where there's no more hate
When I think about it Lord I just can't wait
Gonna see the angels at the pearly gates
Spread out my wings I wanna fly to the place
Step into the light I see a smiling face
Giving me a crown and a brand new name
Remember when I said I'd never be the same
Because I'm in Christ I'm gonna see that day
Blessed are those who wash their robes
Washed in the blood now they've been made whole
They will get to walk on the streets of gold
Revelation 22:14 all clean
Looking better than a dream
I'll be looking for all of my team
All of my friends and loved ones that passed away
That escaped the wrath of the lamb on the judgement day
We'll be standing beside the sea of glass
Holding harps
The old has passed
No more golden calfs living in our hearts
Now we've been delivered from The Beast and The Mark
Now we've been invited to the feast of the marriage of the lamb
Falling on our knees and our hands
Then I see Jesus taking a stand
Then I hear an incredible ovation...

Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven

Verse 2:
Unity, one body
Can't wait till my Jesus comes for me
Got love for those who got love for me
Love for even the ones that envy
FC God blessed me with a blessed team
Lets see where the friends be in the long run
Coz some people are quick to lift you up and drag you under the ground where the dead be
It's all bless b
Coz when the Head comes back its a par for them
Rep the arm but I can't even par the leg
If we fix our regards on the Father then we'll show love to the body no qualms with them,
Pause... start again
In the body we need more peace
So it's something like Ephesians 4:3

Chorus x2

Verse 3:
BOOM guess who stepped out the tomb
Not a joke ting hearts better make room
I thought he was dead & gone
But now I know he aint dead coz I'm at the grave he's gone
Seen it with my own two I'm there
Looking in the grave all I see is air
And the clothes he was wrapped in
Got the Pharisees sayin his disciples wraped him
But I clocked how the guard was looking
Like he saw a ghost and someone shook him
The Roman soldiers roaming around looking
Like "who took him?"
Oh be real this is one body no one can steel
No one could move a stone with Pilots seal
So who is like our GOD? nobody
Better go check in the grave there's no body.

Chorus x2



from Live in Concert, released June 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Dwayne Tryumf London

Born and raised in South London, Dwayne Tryumf has been involved in music production and rapping since '97. He became a born again Christian in '99 and after a wilderness period of growing in his relationship with God and His Word he then began Christian music ministry.... Read the full bio at www.dwaynetryumf.com ... more

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