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Roll Out (Live) [feat. Pilgrim & Gyamma]

from by Dwayne Tryumf

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Ay yo AC you crazy fa this one dude!

Roll out show the world Christianity ain't a gimmick/
Roll out let em know that we don't jus spit it we live it/
Roll out we got the good news be ready to give it/
Roll out for Christ we sold out no doubt/
Roll out all a ma soldiers push unnu hands up inna di air/
Roll out Salvation expensive an dear/
Roll out Speak di word widout fear we gaan clear/
Roll out We find a new gear, ay!

(Verse 1)
From the hood to ya ens to ya borough/
Don't matter if you livin it grand or livin it gutta/
To ma peeps in the Jeeps wid da chromed out black tints/
Fat system leavin' ya rear views tremblein'/
Hear Christ beckonin from Brixton to Becenham/
Ma lips'll be reppin Him till they say I'm deafenin'/
Till the day of reckonin' it's Jesus I recommend/
Ezekiel said he saw Him seated above da cherubim/
Many ain't hearin' Him even though He got the cure fi dem/
We preach about life an death an they say that we're disturbin' em?/
When we up in the booth we spittin' the truth/
Like dem Philly dudes we bout to put the cross on the move roll out!
(Verse 2)
God donated life like an organ He don't change like summer to autumn/
Jesus the topic we talk on He's the door the floor the rock we walk on/
Yeah an I'm all up in it it's about to jump off in a minuet/
And Christ we mimic an Tryumf jus like you I bin pushed to the limit/
Like cream it's cares intensive, you can't buy it it's real expensive/
And it's real extensive climbing over walls and fences/
Never let a blind man lead me, Christ won't leave me/
Bread alone won't feed me pickin' up the cross ain't easy/
You know it ain't light it's gonna take all of ya might prepare for the fight/
Though it's dark in the night the finishing lines in sight/
Matthew 28 there's no doubt real disciples callin' em out/
Out the world we're hallin' em out an like red carpet rollin' em out!


(Verse 3)
Seh man a real God man reachin' out to all ah di so called bad man/
Mi deh pon di mic on top a di riddim si down pon di version/
Ready fi show dem about di death an di resurrection/
Of di Lord who a mi Light an Salvation/
Mek mi tell unnu somting about di one/
King Jesus Christ weh mek di transaction wid/
Him blood pey di price fi each an everyone/
Black ar white not even matter which part you come from/
Whatever you done an how much time you did ah rinse di magnum/
Kill fi fun wait deh man ah who dat a come?/ Dem mussi tink seh Christ Him did a done/
When Him come back ah beer fire fi blaze an bun!


Onwards Christian soldiers marching out to war/
When Satan kingdom raging we bun dem near ar far/
Onwards Christian soldiers marching out to war/
When Satan kingdom raging we bun dem near ar far near ar far!
[Chorus out]


from Live in Concert, released June 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Dwayne Tryumf London

Born and raised in South London, Dwayne Tryumf has been involved in music production and rapping since '97. He became a born again Christian in '99 and after a wilderness period of growing in his relationship with God and His Word he then began Christian music ministry.... Read the full bio at www.dwaynetryumf.com ... more

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