Changed My World (feat. Copeland Green) - Single

by Dwayne Tryumf

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Changed my creation in Christ Jesus
One two, let's get it,

Verse 1:

I was all alone in a world so cold
On that road to riches with diamond rings and gold
Interviews with the top industry dudes
And I was makin moves with my old rap group
I planned to make it big and make it out of the hood
So mamma would be proud and say her son done good
I'm looking up to heaven and I asked for a sign
I never heard nuttn so I stayed on my grind
But then one night I was struck by the light
I saw a cloud form into a man up in the sky
He pointed to the nations all around the globe
Then he pointed at me like he wanted me to go
When I woke up I knew God had suttn for me to do
But what it was I still didn't have a clue
Same week I get a phone call out the blue
"Dwayne I'm going to church d'you wanna come too?"


Changed my world [I'm in a whole new world]
You Changed my world [I'm in a whole new world]
I'm so glad
You came and changed my world [I'm in a whole new world]

Verse 2:

So now I'm sitting in church n listening to the service
Amazed by the songs, chord structures and the verses
In my mind I'm still tryna figure out
Why am I here and what that dream was all about
Next thing the pastor steps to the pulpit
Talkin about Jesus I don't wanna hear it
Cos that meant throwing out all of my porn tapes
Getting rid of my girlfriends, do what the Lord says
Man, I got some hard decisions to make
And I feel my heart beginning to break
Listening to what Jesus did so that we could be saved
Crucified upon the cross and then He rose from the grave
So when the pastor gave the alter call
I found myself standing up no hesitation at all
I surrendered it all
Gave my life to the Lord
He paid a price for my sin I could never afford



Now I'm free from darkness that was holding me
I got that Jesus Peace
It's that sweet release
No more chasing the world
It's got nothing for me
I'm in a better place
For all eternity



released October 18, 2011


all rights reserved



Dwayne Tryumf London

Born and raised in South London, Dwayne Tryumf has been involved in music production and rapping since '97. He became a born again Christian in '99 and after a wilderness period of growing in his relationship with God and His Word he then began Christian music ministry.... Read the full bio at ... more

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